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Building Business Value

Image of Rachel Panther

Rachel Panther Business Coach at Harborough Innovation Centre shares how you can start Building Business Value. So you’ve got your own business or you are thinking of starting one. Why? What do you want to get out of it? What do you want to give to your customers? The answers to the above 2 questions […]

5 Critical Steps to Starting a Successful Business

Image of Rachel Panther

Rachel Panther Business Coach at Harborough Innovation Centre shares the 5 Critical Steps to Starting a Successful Business Congratulations! Setting up your own business is an exciting time. But it is also quite daunting and often high risk. We want to help you to start a successful business. A business that delivers everything you want […]

Cash is King!

Image of Tim Sparrow

Tim Sparrow, MD of BBB Investments shares the reasons why cash is king. As someone with a strong Sales background, this subject might not seem the most obvious for me to choose, I will attempt to explain why? TV shows like ‘The Apprentice’ generally give the impression that “having a good product” and “being good […]

The value of choice

Image of Mark Robinson

Mark Robinson, Chief Executive at Market Harborough Building Society shares his opinion on why choice is important.  Deciding is hard; there is never enough information and always too much time to reflect how you may have made a bad choice. Just think about the times have we envied our fellow restaurant diner’s plateful. But decisions […]

What it’s really like to run your own business

Image of Libby Langley

Libby Langley Founder and Director of Zest Communications shares her experience of what it’s really like to run your own business I started my business three years ago, having worked at a couple of Further Education colleges for the previous seven years. I was fed up with the public sector bureaucracy, and wanted to use […]

Why branding matters to your business: whatever its size

Image of Nicola Denny

May Marketing MD and Owner Nicola Denny shares why branding matters to your business no matter what size you are.  Many small business owners think of larger organisations when they think of branding, so they may not even see their business as a brand. If you have a business, you have a brand. It’s certainly […]

What makes an idea BIG?

Image of Rachel Panther

Rachel Panther, Business Support Director at Oxford Innovation shares the top 5 things you must research to understand if your idea is BIG. Any BIG idea has to be a number of things; Be innovative Serve a market need Have potential customers Beat the competition BUT most importantly it needs to be profitable as fundamentally […]

5 Key Steps to finding more customers

Image of Andrew Seaward

Andrew Seaward marketing consultant and trainer at Harborough based business To Market shares 5 Key Steps to Finding more Customers Starting and then running your own business can be remarkably liberating and empowering. You can make quick decisions that are in the interests of the business. And you can follow your passion – hopefully! However […]